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Painting is not all grime and soot and deprivation, with the artist foregoing the pleasures of a pizza. It is often fun and sun and gay abandon, and the facility to make wild pencil scratches on the paper.

This section exhibits a large body of sketches made over the last couple of years. I enjoyed myself immensely making these dashes across the surface. Sometimes I began with a swagger and ended up with tiny delicate strokes, but loved every moment of doing it.

I am happy to share my sketchbook, an intimate part of me with you. I hope you enjoy as much as I did putting these up on the web. .




oils and acrylics

Even before Impressionists made the "brushy" look popular, as opposed to the academic "fini", oil-sketches were widely made by painters to establish initial layouts. Such "esquisses" were also used to study objects for later integration into finished works. Have you seen those wonderful studies of a black man by Rubens, or his "Battle of Anghiari" sketches? This section contains some studies in oil and acrylic, mostly done on paper.. Click to see more .


pencils and charcoals

Sketches made in graphite, charcoal or dry conte. There is a wonderful sense of freedom associated with their use. I simply love those hatch marks, love to put them down - boldly here, delicately there, to smear a Bernini bust with graphite stains, or to dab-erase and bring out sparkling high-lights over bald pates. You will find some of my more spontaneous moments here. Click to see more...



This monkey, a rather stern looking mom, was carefully keeping a watch over the antics of her young son. I sketched her while vacationing at Saltora. Nearby, a couple of goats were lolling about, providing me with a perfect opportunity to daub some more black paint on the page. I used a water-laden brush on that occassion. But dry brushing is fun too! More of those in here .



An animation film - my life's ambition! But like many such ambitions, this will probably remain unfulfilled. I already have too much on my plate, and animations are sooo labour intensive, and needs co-ordination between like-minded people. However, what's to stop me from creating my own characters? This is Karuna Sundar, that helpless intellectual in Kimbhoot Tadanta, a drama I wrote for a local performance. A few more of his compatriots.....


c o p y r i g h t    p r o s e n j i t  r o y

  New works || Sketchbook || Old works || Old-master studies || About me || Contact
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