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Bird in a coffee shop

Make free, in the realm of the bound
make free, in the spirit of the dark
make free, in love and giving
shake the bangles like they aren't cuffs
my dear, you're the reflection
in the broken mirror

Make breeze, when the brush is stifled
hot and humid is the cliche here
sweep away the dregs of doubt
and touch me where none ever could
teach me what I daren't learn
my dear, you're the wings
of the broken bird

Make a window in the wall
and put a tree on the grassy plain
a mountain stream to scatter
dancing rainbow drops
make a snow-clad mountain
and lips that quiver in silence
will learn to speak, again

Make a twig fall from the tree
and carry a shrivelled leaf
to your doorstep - breeze be gentle please;
make rain like it'll wash away everything
even those hard stains I can't seem
to drive out...

I'd like to see colored pastels
in a chocolate box, I'd like to see
fancy necklaces in a coffee cup
I'd like to see eyes without liners
green dresses and white henna
a smile on a vanishing cycle-cart.

Make life, and give it a name
make life, and call it home
make life, like it never lived before
the past and the future a one-line story...
warm blankets and candles on the window
shadows turning into light.

c o p y r i g h t    p r o s e n j i t  r o y

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