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Letter to the void

In a letter to timelessness
and void indescribable
I wrote about the shadows on the wall...

In a slant of light on the prison wall
they danced, and moved their hips
waved their arms and wagged their fingers
I was but a faint counter-glow in the dark
watching mesmerized -

My lips barely moved,
my eyes had highlights of copper,
I was trying to speak
in whispers of color, failing all the time.
When shadowy fingers brushed my cheek
like tongues of flame licking firewood,
I stepped into the slant of light
and looked out of the window.

A gigantic moon-ghost has arisen
scattering nervous clouds
its blemishes clear and warm
like the feel of a familiar skin.
As I continued to look, wide-eyed
tiny swirls of icy vapor reached in
and caressing, drew patterns on my bloodless face.

In the infinity lake below
a solitary boat was drifting
closer, and closer to the edge
the Milky Way arched high above,
a band of godly jewels - scintillating pink and blue.
The neon sky vibrated
in pulses of primal ecstasy!

It was then that I heard the music
a quiet tune so familiar, so unknown
wafting across, from the other side of time...

Suddenly, dark pillars of nebulae rose
towering, tantalizing apparitions
swaying dangerously, seducing destiny
- like a mad wizard's wand!
Trembling in mirth, voyeuristic sentinels
stood witnesses to the meeting
of Moon-ghost, and me.

I was baffled, blinded in the dark
for the moon was no more
a monster vortex began to churn
slowly draining the infinity lake...
I was carried in its relentless sweep
to a chasm where only I-thoughts exist
there was no form, no face,
only a silent wish - a seed,
left in a void indescribable.   

c o p y r i g h t    p r o s e n j i t  r o y

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