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Kimbhoot investigations - Act 2

Lotkeram's Lathi

Lotke with his stick

Kimbhoot - "Devil be praised! Where on earth is this? My dear Hell-Car, where are we? What a terrible din, and at what hour! Great Lord of darkness, bless me with a shred of solitude! Well... hang on, who do you think that curious individual is? Yes, the one approaching us with a stick? Loin-cloth, bristly hair, rag-headed... Hey you! Be careful with that stick...somebody might get hurt...c'mon, put that down...please!"

Man with stick - "Get lost, get lost immediately!"

Kimbhoot - (in Hellenese tongue -"What a spot of bother! who exactly is this fool?")

Kimbhoot - (aloud) "Ah...c'mon brother, please be accommodative. Surely this road doesn't belong to your Dad?"

Man with stick - "Shut up! Do you have a membership, do you? You don't...right, get lost with that thing, you can't park it over here."

Kimbhoot - "Thing? Oh I mean the Hell-Car. Now, why don't you add a bit of honey to your Devnagari script? I could have had a heart attack with that tirade! And who are YOU to tell me not to park him here? I can see these huge trucks parked by the pond, so what's wrong with my Hell-Car, eh? This is just a tiny little boat. Well...he does have a wingspan, but look - Hell-Car has folded it in so tidily. See? Okay, okay... since you are not convinced, I'll put him in that corner. And no, I don't have a membership. What on hell is that?"

Man with stick - (scratches his stubble) " speak like a man, but look like a ghost. A ghostly cockroach, I should say. All right, since you are new I'll pardon you this one time. But look - you must pay your membership. One hundred for small cars per month. Bring that cash out quickly, or get lost!"

Kimbhoot - "Good Hell! Parking fee for Hell-Car! Never ever heard of this! Ahh...dear Mr Stick, I don't have your currency with me, but I do have a few Iraqi dinars left in my pocket, been there a week ago. Will that do?

Man with stick - (Threateningly steps forward with his stick) "Do you think I am joking? Get lost I say, or else..."

Kimbhoot - "Please...please calm down. Hey! Stop that...don't hit him with that stick. What if he flies away? I wont be able to return. All right, all, you keep my word, and I'll keep yours. This is the best ganja in the universe, c'mon...take this, have a smoke and leave us in peace!"

The Storyteller - The man with stick, or Lotkeram - is happy for the moment. He ambles away, lightly tapping each and every truck with his lathi. Kimbhoot carefully anchors Hell-Car to a dead Krishnachoora tree and prepares to carry on with his investigation.


c o p y r i g h t    p r o s e n j i t  r o y

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