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Kimbhoot investigations - Act 3

The Intellectual

Night at Pukur Mohalla

Kimbhoot - "This is so strange! Row after row of monster trucks. I am hardly able to walk, look at this filth! And those pyramids of sand and stonechips, and those piles of bricks. Two wheelers shooting up and down the road, like some conquering army on patrol. Drunkards, crazy louts adding to the din and chaos. Such an overpowering sense of nostalgia, this reminds me of...of Hell! I'll be damned!"

A voice - "You idiot! You ghostly gargoyle! You kimbhoot! Don't you know how to speak decently?"

Kimbhoot - (jumps up in astonishment) "Who's that? Who calls my name?"

The voice - (in a jeering slant) "Just look at him...flaunting innocence. Well, you may deal in bricks and trucks and what not, but don't use foul language in this decent neighborhood."

Kimbhoot - (notices a form emerging from the shadows) "Oh...was that you? I am really amazed, another angry person! Is this how people usually behave with strangers in this locality?"

The voice - "Shut up! Don't you further irritate me, you buffoon, or I'll get angrier! And what's the locality got to do with this?"

Kimbhoot - "Hell,, nothing at all! I must beg your pardon for whatever's my fault. Please forgive me. I am well and truly surprised to find you here - look at the hour!. You are surely not one of those louts. You look...well, decent! (to himself, in Hellenese -"Thick glasses, shirt torn here and there, shiny bald patch - what a neat little highlight on top!") But sir, do let me know - what's my fault? Its nearly 2 o'clock, and you keep scolding me for something I can hardly guess!"

The voice - "Well, may be I was wrong. You are not a goon. Haven't seen you before. Still, you must not utter those words. This, I repeat, is a decent community"

Kimbhoot - (a bit impatiently) "Utter what? Utter what? C'mon...I have been here for a while, been noticing what's going on. It seems everything is valid here! Damn!"

The voice - "See! That's the word! Don't you utter swear words in Pukur Mohalla, it pollutes the social environment. Kids might learn from you, here they don't normally sleep at night. You must not pollute their judgment on what's good and what's not."

Kimbhoot - "I understand. I'll never swear again, not as long as I'm here. But sir, I'm curious...what are you doing at this hour?"

The voice - "Taking a walk. I need to burn off some sugar. 256 post-prandial. Plus I have this rasping cough, gets worse when I lie down. Disturbs my wife, says she can't sleep, says I sound like a truck! And that I belong here, next to those trucks! (falls silent for a moment) But what about you? Do you wish to take the pond on a lease, or fill it up and build an air-conditioned market... ?"

Kimbhoot - "No, no, of course not! I am a scout for The Devil. My name is Kimbhoot, as you so cleverly guessed from my hideous appearance. I was born in the family of Lucifer. Till recently I was busy trying to establish a colony in Iraq. Devil needs space for his concentration camps, and we got wind of this godforsaken place. So here am I, out to investigate the ground situation for a possible annexation."

The voice - "Ha-Ha-ha, Ho-Ho-Ho, Har-Har-Har-(cough, gasp) Ho-Ho-Ho (holds belly lest he aggravates his hernia) you are a scream! Hee-Hee-Hee..."

Kimbhoot - "Err...ahem...thank you sir, well..."

The voice - "Such a talented joker...ooooh! You made my day, oops - night! But you did - Ha-Ha-Ha! Drinking Devil, good heavens! Ho-Ho-Ho "

Kimbhoot - "Excuse me sir? Umm...may I know your identity as well?"

The voice - (wipes tears off his eyes) "Ah... hee-hee... I am surprised you do not know who I am. But I don't mind, after all you're obviously a foreigner. Had you been a native, you surely would have recognized me. People know me as The Intellectual. My name is Sri Karunasundar Roy, A. B. C. D. ...and two more dots after Z."

The Intellectual


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