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Kimbhoot investigations - Act 5


Prometheus painting green

Storyteller - A few hours left till dawn. A dozen trucks suddenly begin to roar simultaneously. Like a pack of monsters in a fairytale, preparing to leave on a hunt. Once upon a time, Kimbhoot had worked as chef in Hell. He is at home with the smell of fried human flesh that so entices the hungry beasts of Devil. Also, he has just returned from devastated Iraq. Curious smells or noises should not be bothering him. Yet this combined cacophony of a dozen mechanical monsters disturbs him. Perhaps it is the sight of those dark, impenetrable poison fumes - spreading tentacles into every corner of Pukur Mohalla, and down people's lungs.

A fresh line of trucks enters the community. They wait for the monsters to leave and make parking space. Meanwhile, Lotkeram is engaged in a furious verbal duel with a driver of one of the departing vehicles. Some dispute over parking fee? Suddenly Gunnu arrives with his posse of Photkelals. Blows begin to rain left and right. Soon the dispute is resolved. As the old trucks leave, the new ones move in. They roll back and forth, spit, gasp and gurgle, roar and belch, swerve left or right, and finally settle down into their respective grooves. Doors clank open and shut as drivers climb down. Bladders are let loose by the pond amidst sighs of audible relief, both from the truckers as well from people desperate to catch forty winks.

The community falls silent, but sleep is not easy. Sounds of rasping cough escape from behind closed doors and windows, grating efforts to clear mucus-laden airways. Efforts by a tired community of sleepy people, old or the very young.

Kimbhoot - "Hail the Great Lord of Darkness, I think you may have undercalculated this time. You wish to colonize this area, but it could be a bit difficult to digest. Whatever…I've this job to finish. (Looks around) I need to find Gunnu, but he seems to have disappeared. Drunkards rolling mid-street, curious mongrels following me…shut up, you noisy curs, stop following me around! Now who's that? Hey mister…YO!"

Mister - "Sorry, I can't pay subscriptions. See, I'm penniless."

Kimbhoot - "That's okay, I am not looking for money. Oh no…no, you don't have to turn out your pockets! Do you have a name?"

Mister - "I had, not anymore, not a formal name."

Kimbhoot - "What a drag! Can't find a single straight individual. Mister, what's that in your hand, a stick?"

Mister - "This? This is a painting brush."

Kimbhoot - "A 5 feet long painting brush! Amazing! So, what do you wish to paint, the road?"

Mister - "That and the whole locality. But first I need to find some colors. It's so hard to find any, all gray and barren and murky. Do you have some colors, some fresh green colors? I won't be able to pay you right away, but I could paint you a portrait. What do you think, eh? Do you fancy a portrait in exchange?

Kimbhoot - "Are you crazy? Is this the hour to play with paints? I'm sorry, I don't need a portrait, I'm looking for the man in charge of this community… should I speak to Gunnu? (suddenly Gunnu appears behind Kimbhoot)

Gunnu - "Hey you! Cockroach! Still hanging around?"

Kimbhoot - "Praise Lord! Gunnudada, I mean…Gunnubabu, what a pleasant surprise, just the person I was looking for!"

Gunnu - "Hrmph…that's okay, Gunnudada sounds better. So, what's in your mind? And that crazy fellow, what does he want?"

Kimbhoot - "You mean, this gentleman with a goatee and paintbrush?"

Gunnu - "Gentleman! Har-har-har…bloody goat! Goateed nitwit! I'm not seeing such 'gentlemen' for the first time, have seen quite a few of those hanging on the walls! Hey you! Bloody troublemaker, get lost… or I'll use that brush to plug your gut."

Kimbhoot -"Gunnuda, he is quite innocent actually…"

Gunnu - "SHUT UP! Not one word from you. Not one word…got it? You're new here, so behave like one, or I'll drown both you and your lottery stall. See that pond?"

Mister/Goateed nitwit - (quips) "Yes, hard to find water in there."

Gunnu - (livid with rage) "SHUT UP I SAY! I…I warn you Mr Goatee, don't test my limits, won't be good for you!"

Kimbhoot - (Tries to pacify the Lord of the Locality) "Ah… Gunnudada."

Goatee - "Dear Gunnu, do you have some paint in your brickbarn? Some fresh green paint? Could you offer me some, on a loan perhaps?"

Gunnu - (shakes head in exasperation) "Incorrigible! What a nitwit! Just look at that bloody brazenness!"

Kimbhoot - "Please let him be Gunnuda. He is completely mad."

Goatee - "Mad? Oh…yes, you may right. I was institutionalized once. But they let me go. Cockroachdada, I don't think I'm mad anymore, I really don't."

Kimbhoot - "Hmm…so they did put you in once, did they? By the way, I'm not 'Cockroachdada', I do have a name. I am Kimbhoot."

Goatee - "And I am Prometheus. I tried to steal fire from heaven and landed myself in a soup."

Gunnu - "Crazy fools! I Don't have time to waste with such nitwits, otherwise would've smacked your heads together."(Gunnu moves away, and begins to gather his men around as three more trucks, laden with construction goods arrive)


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