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Kimbhoot investigations - Act 7

The Report

Prometheus - "So you haven't met Tinni? Just a tiny little girl, but what guts! She has declared war on 'The Gunnu Monster'. Just Imagine! She has an ample supply of green paint, she will give me as much as I need."

Kimbhoot - "But where does she live?"

Prometheus - "Right there, on the eastern edge of Pukur Mohalla, can you see that old, run down single-storied building, right where the sky is just beginning to clear? See it? That's where Tinni lives. The house belongs to Nabarunbabu. Gunnu has failed to demolish it. Yet. I am not too sure, but some say that Nabarun may have been an inmate at the Cellular jails. Way before independence. When he was a teenager. He is 88 now. He was convicted of assaulting a red-face, probably boxed his ear… Ha-Ha! Tinni is Nabarunbabu's granddaughter. Do you wish to meet her?"

Kimbhoot - "What! Oh no. No need for that. This is making me uneasy. I don't wish to lose my job."

Prometheus - "Lose your job! But how?"

Kimbhoot - "You won't understand. This Tinni, and that 88 year old Nabarun - from what I've learned about them, those are ones we avoid like plague. I have come on a specific business; I don't have time to lose. Apart from that, soon it will be dawn, and I can't tolerate the sun."

Prometheus - (Observes Kimbhoot carefully) "Tell me, are you an agent of Pluto?"

Kimbhoot - "What? Who?"

Prometheus - "Pluto - the keeper of the dead. You are, aren't you, his agent? I can see this dying Mohalla reflected on your eyes. This is Terrible! Please, leave this area. Hurry. The likes of Tinni will fight you. They won't let you win. No way. But you must quickly leave the area!"

Kimbhoot - "Calm down! Have you lost your senses? Do you wish to poke me with that brush? Put it down, put it down I say. Are you really mad?"

Prometheus - "Mad? (sighs) No, I'm not mad. Just Prometheus."

Kimbhoot - "Whatever. Let poor Hell-Car go. Release him. Its nearly dawn, I need to flee. But tell me something, why did you do this to Hell-Car? Just look at him - a green ghost! Where on hell did you find him? I think I had left him anchored to a dead tree."

Prometheus - "You left him there, didn't you. That was a mistake. Lotkeram gave him such a thrashing. Simply because he couldn't pay the parking fee. He was choking in those fumes. Really suffering... gasping, trying to tear away. He almost died! So I unleashed him, gave him a drink, and a fresh coat of paint. Look, he is perfectly happy now. And hopping around too. Are those Vulture wings, can he fly as well? Great!"

Kimbhoot - "Yes, he can fly. Thanks for taking care of Hell-car. I am truly grateful. I'll deal with Lotkeram later, we can't miss him - that day will certainly come. But before I leave, please tell me - what else do I need to see? What were you referring to?"

Prometheus - "How long have you been here - just a few hours, right? We have been living here for months, for years. Of course you need to see more of Pukur Mohalla. Look over there, there is something for you."

Kimbhoot - (watches carefully) "What… IS… that? A procession of pushcarts… 10, 20… no, 50! What are they carrying? Is that the refuse of the whole city? What's that terrible stench? Hell is not exactly fragrant, but this is something worse. The worst Satanic nightmare! Uugh… I need to throw up, the stench is too overpowering. And the flies… those billions of hungry flies following the pushcarts. In my nose, in my ear…uugh (spit), and in my mouth! Something has gone horribly wrong with this community. Prometheus, why have they come here? Where are they going? Who are these people pushing the carts?"

Prometheus - "They work for the Municipal Charity. They feed bacteria, the hungry flies, the stray cats, the mongrels, the crows, and the starving poor of the city. Look carefully; here they come… the recipients of charity. And here is where they feed, by the pond of Pukur Mohalla."

Kimbhoot - "Yes, you are right, I see them now. Whether I wish to do so or not. One after another, pushcarts dumping rubbish by the pond and leaving. The mountain of filth keeps growing. Flies, cats, dogs, birds… human beings, fighting each other, clawing each other for scraps. Bits of fungating bread, rotten flesh…" (Kimbhoot throws up! However, being a hardened scout, he recovers soon)

Prometheus - "Hey! Buck up! That was nothing. We are living with this for years. There's more to see."

Kimbhoot - "I have seen enough. I have seen worse in Hell, or in Iraq, but I never expected to see this in Bindupur. Back in the Land of Darkness, we do not have this falsehood. We experience awful things, but do not claim to be civilized, or cultured, or sophisticated. This hypocrisy is too much to bear."

Prometheus - "Ha-Ha-Ha! Civilizational Con, what?"

Kimbhoot - "Now I realize, the punishments we dole out in Hell are rather crude. Frying in oil only kills from the outside. Those hardened criminals need to suffer more!"

Prometheus - "Allow me to make a suggestion. Why don't you organize an exchange trip? Bring your criminals here for a day or two, we people of the community would love to visit Hell in exchange."

Kimbhoot - (smiles) "That…certainly is an idea. But I am afraid our Lord of Darkness will baulk at the idea. He is forever trying to reform the torture regimen, even the worst criminals are sometimes let off rather lightly. After reading my report on Pukur Mohalla, I dare say he will even contemplate sending his prisoners here!"

Prometheus - "Haw-Haw-Haw, Hee-Hee-Hee… this is too much! So we will be dumped by the Devil! Ooooh, too much… 'Dumped by the Devil' - how's that for a phrase? Ha-Ha-Ha!"

Kimbhoot - "Have you quite finished fooling around, Mr Prometheus?"

Prometheus - "Oh yes! I think I have. But seriously, we have become the dumpyard of the universe. The elixir of life is for others, for us - it's poison. Look at Gunnu, this is where he works. He works as diligently as a vulture on a carcass. He profits here, parties elsewhere. This is how it would have continued, had Tinni not intervened."

Kimbhoot - "Tinni! Again that name… aaah. That unspeakable expression! So full of promise, and sunlight. So unholy, like a bad omen, a curse for us creatures of the dark. I must immediately depart. Lotkeram is approaching us. Nice meeting you Prometheus, you have an eye for the darkness. Keep hunting for colors. I need to urgently file this investigational report. Good bye!"

Prometheus - "Goodbye Kimbhoot. See you in hell!"

"Goodbye Earth!"


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