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Kimbhoot investigations - Epilogue

Tinni !

Hell-Car vanished into western darkness, chased by leaping fingers of sunlight from a rising sun. Lotkeram abhors Prometheus, who has scant respect for Lotke's antics. But he understands that his paintbrush is no match for Lotke's stick. He manages to escape in time.

Another night has passed. Now it is dawn. Long shadows and long swathes of sunlight are busy playing hide-and-seek amidst the concrete towers of Pukur Mohalla. For the first few moments of dawn, and till the autorickshaws roll out, the community experiences true peace and silence. Kids have fallen asleep. Tired, sleep-hungry residents sit up, and woefully rub their eyes. Another endless day, another night stares them in the face. Soon the autorickshaws will come out, tearing blasts of noise from overstretched engines will shatter this moment of tranquility. But right now… It's heaven!

Dawn at Pukur Mohalla

Freedom-fighter Nabarun, 88 years old, is against wasting this godly hour. There is a small patch of ground before his crumbling ancestral abode. Largely barren, dusty, and parched. Barren - except for a streak of green in a remote corner. The corner, which has been a source of color for Prometheus.

Nabarun fills up a small can with water and slowly approaches that corner. Here lives Tinni - a nameless, flowerless, wild little sapling. Thin and weak, but full of smiles. Its young green leaves tinged with a crimson blush. Not more than 2 feet in height. Tinni is asleep. With utmost tenderness, Nabarun begins to sprinkle water on Tinni. As water slips through his arthritic fingers and wets Tinni, she wakes up. She nods happily and looks up at Nabarun. The Sun glints off her wet, translucent leaves.

Nabarun -"Tinni… my little love. Time to wake up, little girl. Let's go fight The Gunnu Monster!"

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