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White, Gold & Purple

Oil on Canvas | 18" x 24" | 48K download

This particular work began as a study of the complementary colors(red, yellow and blue), or to be more precise, altered hues of such colors - against a white background. It nicely evolved into a still life of a golden vase(brass in "real" life - but the brassy colors were too timid, and I needed to have saturated yellows), containing some violet-purple-greenish-white dried flowers(giving me the "blues")from Kodaikanal, a hill station in southern India, and a polished wooden chair to furnish "redness", with a thick white cloth draped over its back. The latter was to be the white I mentioned earlier.

I did not like this painting at the begining, but surprisingly many others did. And now - well, I guess it has its merits from a compositional point of view. Also the light - this is a steady 2 o'clock to 3.30 summer-afternoon sunlight, reflected off a neighbouring building and filtered through ground-glass panes. I painted only during those hours.

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