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Welcome to Artist on a Mend! - Page 2 

This aren't new works, some having been painted as early as 2003. But they were painted after my first exhibition in 2001, hence new-er in one sense.

Above are a couple of my old paintings, significant to my artistic evolution. For the very latest, kindly visit  Page 1  

"Artist on a Mend" was painted over a period of one year. I left it unfinished, face down in the dirt and clammy moistness of a forgotten room for nearly eight months. It did not have the title by which people know it today. Meanwhile, things happened to me. To be "on a mend" could also mean "to be in a state of perpetual disrepair." Flip side of the same coin! But better be on a mend than be perfect.

I am Prosenjit Roy, a painter based in Kolkata, India(or Calcutta, if you are unintiated into that secret and mysterious cult of Bengalihood!). Since 2000, I have withdrawn from my older profession(which involved wearing a white-coat and busily strutting up and down long corridors!) and have devoted myself completely to the art of painting.

This website contains a large body of my latest works, formal as well as informal, which were not there in the previous one. In addition, there is a section containing some of my oldest paintings (i.e., those painted around when I started this fantastic voyage of self expression, circa 2000) as well as excerpts from related texts.

You may continue to read the rest of this text as well as see my very latest works in Page 1 of the New Works section. Thank you for visiting Artist on a Mend!

Prosenjit Roy.


Old, but not my oldest works. Continued from Page 1 of New works ...

Good Hope Shells >>
36"x 36" / Acrylic on Canvas

<< Old Buddies - 15" x 11" / Acrylic on Paper

White & Purple >>
22" x 15" / Acrylic on Paper

<< Kettle & Pot - 22" x 15" / Acrylic on Paper

Click to enlarge (30K). Top

White, Gold & Purple >>
18" x 24" / Oil on Canvas

<< Taal - 12" x 10.5" / Acrylic on Paper

<< The Plumber's Bag - 15" x 22" / Acrylic on Paper

Shorshe (Mustard Flowers)>>
9" x 12" / Acrylic on Paper

The thumbnails below are linked to images around 500 px wide.

<< Watermelon - 15" x 14" / Oil on Canvas-paper

Batabi Bottles >>
22" x 15" / Acrylic on Paper

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