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The Nun

The "Nun" is crucified. The Holy Cross is slowly but surely drowning in that heaving lava. Yet somehow, pain has not creased her face. There is not even shame at her loss of modesty. It is as if she has reached a superior plane of understanding where such physical considerations do not exist. This has obviously baffled her persecutors.

The Nun is happy to die for her faith, happy in the knowledge of her intimacy with God - who is expressing Himself through the gust of wind and the kindly silvery light. You may go on to Faith at this point, or read on if you please....

If "Nun" gives you a sense of "seen before", then you are not alone. Others have made similar observations. Even though the painting does not depict any true incident, it is a metahallucination driven by revulsion at reports of rampant religious persecution worldwide. Particularly one involving a young tribal girl, in which mercifully nobody actually died (in a clinical sense).

You would get me wrong were you to suppose that "Nun" was speaking just for the Christian faith. While multireligiosity provides a colorful heterogeneity which is so wonderful, I believe faith transcends not only sectarianism, is above and beyond conventional religious matters and is very important in every little thing we do. It is strength of belief that makes all sacrifice worthwhile - and that is what "Nun" stands for. The supreme assurance, and the inner radiance that it generates, is what religion should symbolise. Not a weapon for mass manipulation, unfair strictures, or for settling personal scores but a light to shine upon our darkest immoralities.


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