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The Lazy Sun

This strange vision is actually a compilation of a series of mental snapshots. Normally the sun never visits my window, unless you look tangentially upwards. Neighbouring blocks of concrete ensure the blockade. Yet during one summer solstice day, and in early dawn, my sleep was disturbed by a feeling of warmth on my toes.

It was the sun, just begining to peek from between my feet, way beyond the horizon.

I dozed off momentarily. But soon my eyelids parted in slits. The sun was still there, only minutely higher. This continued, me dozing off and parting my eyelids in succession, taking in a series of snapshots of the rising sun. My half alert mind compiled all those into a composite-whole in which the sun hung motionless in mid air, at the tip of a long lazy trail.

Later, in a moment of emotion driven creativity, the lazy sun became an unwavering, scorchingly glaring cyclop. You wished it would move off giving you the shelter of night. But there was no escape from its scrutiny. It took in every tiny blemish on your skin and left you drained - stranded on some unworldly beach with a thick dark ocean to cross.


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