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Studying Michelangelo...

Michelengelo, if you ask me, is a difficult study. Not because of intricacies of drawing, which are "surmountable", but because of his mannerist exagerrations and "manly" women which I find rather difficult to digest. I do not have problem with his men, but his females make me turn elsewhere. And this I say keeping in mind the sexually potent "Dawn". Mind you, I am not speaking from an artistic point of view, but simply as a student mechanically trying to study form from past masters.

His style is so individualistic that it conflicts with my own sense of individuality - perhaps another example of his greatness, and I do not enjoy studying him at all. However, his unfinished Pieta attracted me immensely, each chisel-mark carrying forth a message of maniacal industry and latent human ability.


a) Pieta (unfinished), 32 KB download

b) Joker, 22 KB download

Michelengelo, it is said, hurriedly knocked off a tooth and chiselled out the exact likeness of a healed socket when he was disturbed by criticisms (apparently made in jest) of "toothfulness"!


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