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Studying Prudhon...

Prudhon perhaps, is more famous among students of the art of drawing than he is among the general connoisseurs of European art. Many consider him a "stepping stone" to "higher things" - like, say Charles Bargue. But that is okay with me and in no way demeaning for this master. Domes at the apex crumble if not built upon strong foundations.

I find it quite relaxing to study a Prudhon drawing. Unlike a similar exercise with Ingres, where you need to be on your toes during each and every stroke of the pencil. Albeit there is less opportunity to invent(as in the case of Gauguin), but the drawings are simple and could be copied without too much effort or attention. You do not make delightful little discoveries at the least expected places but tend to glide along strong and predictable lines. Studying Prudhon could be helpful to a lot of people.

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