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Updated on Apr' 04
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The Indian South 1
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Chronologically - Sketches from my travels to the Indian South - Dec'03 to Jan'04 - Page 2

The turqoise ocean at Kanyakumarika


<< Temple on the Rock (Kanyakumari) - Gusts of sea wind ruffled the A4 sized sheets clipped to my sketchboard. I sat with my back to the sea. There were hundreds of tourists in that extensive courtyard surrounding the Vivekananda temple. I looked up and began to sketch the upper floors. Soon a crowd gathered around me. People on the balcony grew curious. Some were obviously posing for my benefit! We were on the Vivekananda Rock, at a stone's throw from the mainland. 10 " x 8" / Charcoal Pencil on Paper

Waves against boulders >>
(Kanyakumari) - I had to wait in a long, long line for my turn on the boat(which was to take us back to the mainland). Resting my pad against the railings, I used the time to sketch the sea breaking against a few outlying boulders. 8" x 5.5" / Charcoal Pencil on Paper

<< Kanyakumari - 1.30 AM - As viewed from the hotel room on the 4th floor. 11" x 8" / Charcoal pencil on Paper

Dawn at Vivekananda Rock (Kanyakumari) >>
This was where I was the day before. 11" x 8" / Dry Conte on Paper

<< Sanyasi at Kanyakumari (Holy man) - By six in the morning, I was exploring the alleys of Kanyakumari. This young sanyasi in black sat facing the rising sun. His immensely tranquil bearing had me scrambling for my charcoal. Was he to be a latter-day Vivekananda? 7 " x 8" / Charcoal Pencil on Paper

Tip of peninsular India >>
8" x 11" / Charcoal Pencil on Paper

<< Kanyakumari - waves of the Arabian Sea - Sketched around eight in the morning, sitting on those very boulders you see in the lower righthand corner. I did not have time for breakfast and soon returned to the hotel to begin work on the next painting. 11" x 8" / Dry Conte on Paper

Kanyakumari >>
This I painted from my hotel room, which was on the 4th floor. I began at 9, immediately on returning from the beach. I had to finish by 11, since I needed to check-out by 12. 14.5" x 10.5" / Acrylic on Paper

<< Kanyakumari - detail 1(The church) - Acrylic on Paper

Kanyakumari - detail 2 >>
Deep cobalts in the horizon, ochre in the sand, transparent turquoise shades in -between. The wind driving in white crested wave-lets to gently sway the boats. Acrylic on Paper

<< The Hanuman God (Kodaikanal) - He is the guardian deity, and has a polite yet imposing presence - guarding the entrance to my hosts' residence. 8" x 11" / Charcoal Pencil on Paper

The Rotating Horse of Kodaikanal >>
You may find the story about her in here.

<< The Steps of Kodaikanal - A solitary winding road elaborately laid against stepped slopes. Interferes with the joy of driving in a hilly region, so modest is the climb. On the other hand, watching a vehicle rolling up or down that road is fun. It continually plays a game of hide-n-seek - appearing here, disappearing there! what I haven't included are the cow-hands, skillfully guiding their cattle down the steps. This was late in the afternoon and it was quite chilly. 8" x 11" / Graphite on Paper

The Kodai Trees of winter >>
Drew this immediately after the preceding one. Take a closer look 8" x 11" / Pen & Ink on Paper

<< Durga in the Drawing room (Kodaikanal) - She proudly sits in my hosts' living room, a creation of the Santiniketani "gharana." This is as good an installation as you will get, the whole arrangement emphasizing a roundness of form and universe. 8 " x 11" / Dry conte and Charcoal Pencil on Paper

Kodaikanal - the stump >>
The tree has its own story to tell. She stood perfectly proud and happy, till one day men came and reduced her to a stump. 10.5" x 14.5" / Acrylic on Paper

<< Old man watching a tire change (on the murderous Madurai-Kodaikanal Road) - My car needed a change of tire. While this was being done the elderly gent approached us in a wobbly bi-cycle. He got down, respectfully observed the entire procedure, stood still like the perfect model and when the new tire was in place, left - without ever uttering a single word! All along he had on an expression of rapt attention. I wonder if he has subsequently bought a car for himself - which wouldn't be too surprising, what with incomes rising in the South. In the meantime, I narrowly missed being pulverized by a speeding bus. 6" x 8" / Charcoal Pencil on Paper

Train from Madurai >>
8" x 11" / Charcoal Pencil on Paper

<< The crescentic beach of Kovalam - Tourist brochures say that there are three such crescentic beaches of Kovalam. This one has a Light Tower, barely discernible on the far horizon. I was sitting on a high pile of rocks when a group of curious college-goers clambered on to my perch. There interests were divided between me and the bikini-clad lady in the foreground. Some achievement, that! 8" x 11" / Soft Charcoal Pencil on Paper

The Gift >>
Like most good memories, this ends with a wonderful gift. Scan of a color xerox. The original was 14.5 " x 10.5" / Acrylic on Paper

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