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Toons have been an integral part of my life ever since childhood. I was born in 1970, when television, and the consequent toon-channels were yet to invade our homes. Our toons mostly lived in comic books. I did see a few flicks on toons, one of those on a superhero fighting tooth germs(a publicity film for a toothpaste, what else!), but that was all. So I made my own toons. They were invariably one thin dark guy - a stick finger actually, and one fat white guy - a figure with an outline to make him well-built. They were forever jumping on each other - from trees, from around street corners, from behind boulders. The thin guy usually got whalloped till he saw stars, but was more cunning, and ultimately emerged a winner.

This battle continued unabated till I was 11 or 12, when other characters took over. Looking back, I can't escape the irony of my choice of combative toons vis-a-vis world history, but I am sure there was nothing in my childhood(blessed as it was with loving parents who, when not busily attending to their respective patients, gave the best of their time to us - me and my elder sister)to make me aware of the "colors" of the human race. It was simply a case of picking two different characters, and rooting for the one who looked more like an under-dog. An interesting insight into the workings of a child's mind!

These characters are fairly new in origin, three of which - Kimbhoot, Lotke and Karuna, being actual characters of a drama I wrote for a local performance. I may add a few more in time, who knows...


<< Three Kings - 8" x 5" / Watercolor on Paper
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8" x 5" / Watercolor on Paper

(Linked image less than 500 px)

<< Kimbhoot - Original was Graphite on paper
Lotkeram >>
Original was Graphite on paper

<< Karuna Sundar - Original was Graphite on paper
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